With My Outstretched Arm…

With My outstretched arm, by My might and by My power I have brought you out of this world, I have brought you right into the presence of My Father.

As you stand this night you stand justified in My sight, you stand this night as those of whom I say, I have loved you and I have placed My mark upon your lives.

You are loved with My everlasting love, a love that sought you and a love that brought you unto Myself. Know and understand that you are not for this world, you are Mine.

Take no thought when those around you may scoff at you, when many shall scorn you, many will despise you, but know this you are Mine.

I have called you by My name, I love you with an everlasting love, and My grace and My mercy are ever extended to you. My life I have given for you, and this life is the life that you are to live by.

There have been many of you who have known My presence come alongside you when you have said: “ Lord I cannot take any more, Lord I feel like giving up”! I have not shouted at you, but you have heard in a small whisper that I have loved you, and My love will uphold you.

Many times you have said “ Lord I am slipping” many of you have feared that the enemy will overpower you, but know this night My power, My mercy shall hold you, know that you are in My Father’s hand and know that I have you in My mind at all times, stand you still and know that My Word shall never fail you.




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