The Exhortation

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This Word from the Father was given after an extended time of praise and worship in June 1986 and recorded live onto a cassette tape, I then transcribed the audio to make sure this powerful word from our Lord was never lost! and I am so glad I did, the cassette tape broke but at least I still had the transcript.

We as a family have been through some extremely difficult times, and during one of these times, I re-recorded this ‘Word of the Lord’ from the original transcript, (which was transcribed from the original live recording) so as a family we could listen to these words of Spirit, Life, and Life on our MP3’s.

Without any exaggeration, this Word has given us the strength to stand in some very troubling and difficult times. When things looked impossible these words gave us the strength to stand and gave us victory! Thank you Abba Father, Thank you Jesus Lord!

“For I, your Lord has sworn in My Word I will never leave you comfortless, I said I would send My Holy Spirit to you, My Holy Spirit is among you now. My Holy Spirit Heals you… My Holy Spirit gives you the power to stand before My face… My Holy Spirit is the Power in your life…My Holy Spirit gives you Understanding and Wisdom…My Holy Spirit gives you the Power To Witness…My Holy Spirit is your Guide and Teacher.

Whatsoever He will show to you is Everything I told Him to, for He will not speak of Himself no no, but He will only say and do the things that I have told Him to, for He is Sweet and He is Pure and the Life that He has is from above, there is No Impurity In My Holy Spirit, He is Sweet and Gentle, He is Kind and He will take you further into My Word If you will only let Him.

For you see He is a Gentleman, He will not push you, He will prompt you, and will tell you “This is the way walk you in it” As you walk in My Way I will give you sweet fellowship, I will commune with you Through My Holy Spirit, and My Word He will emblaze into your heart, He will emblaze My Word and make it become a reality. He will say to you “Whatsoever the Lord Has said, Whatsoever the Lord Has Spoken it is Forever Settled, It Will Not Change, It Will Not Die, It Will Not Diminish”

Do you not know, that you have been Bought with a Price? Do you not know, that you have been Born Again by the Incorruptible Word of God that Lives and Abides Forever? And I, and the Word In you, implanted In you, will give you the Power to Stand In the day of adversary. No evil foe can stand against you, as long as you are under the Shadow of the Almighty and you have the Word Of God Abiding In you.

Do not forget that the Word Of God Is your force. The Word Of God Is your attacking sword, but remember It is the Word Of The Spirit, the Sword Of The Spirit in the Hand of the Believer that Can Pull Down Any Stronghold in this World.

For you are of the Truth. You have the Power. You have Almighty God Commissioning you To Go Forth. You have the Power In you to Make Right the Wrong. To lay hands on the sick, and it’s My Power through you that will Make Them Stand Whole. My Word can Cleanse Any Difficulty, Anything that is in His path The Holy Spirit can stand and tread over.

The Holy Spirit is Forever going forward, but He will move when man moves, if you do not move says the Lord God, if you do not move then the Holy Spirit is grieved, but as you move so the Power Of Almighty God Is unleashed in you, My Beloved Children.

And as you stand this night says the Lord your God, I have given All things in My Word for you. I have given All things in My Word for you to lay hold of, and for you to take that Word, and to apply My Word, and to stand in faith for All things you desire, For I have given you the desire of your heart.

I will Never leave you, nor forsake you, I will Never fail you, I will Never let you down. My Word is forever settled, what I have spoken No Man can put asunder. My Word is the strength of the Believer. My Word gives you the strength to stand. My Word makes you more, much much more than an overcomer. So stand My children, stand this night and declare that you are In the Family of Almighty God.

Let your confession be in Line with MY Word. Do not say you can not do that which MY Word tells you, for I will say to you …“You are a liar” My Word is Truth and anything that you say that is not In Line with My Truth, I will say “You are a liar”

My Word is powerful, My Word in your life will put you under or will put you over, but it’s according to your confession. My Word in your mouth will put you over as you speak and declare My Word over any circumstance and environment that you might come across.

For it was My Word in the Mouth of Jesus Christ that cleansed all the lepers, that raised the dead, that spoke against the evil spirits and they had to depart. For it is My Word in the believer that will make you stand strong. If My Word does not live inside you, then you have a problem, but as My Word stands and is implanted in you, And as you live in My Word, and as you continue in My Word, then any circumstance that comes your way, you speak it.

I will give you the power to speak it, I will give you the power to speak My Word. And as you stand in any environment, as you declare the Word, the Spoken Word of God, I will say I am well pleased with you. I will say you are doing what I have commissioned you to do.

For have not I said To live and abide in My Word. As you live In My Word, you can ask whatever you will and I will give it you, whatever you desire, I will put that desire In you, and whatever you speak let it be known that you must speak Words of Spirit and Life.

For its My Word and My Word Only that can build you up. It’s My Word and My Word Only that saved you in the beginning, and it’s MY Word and My Word Only that can sustain you. It’s My Word and My Word Only that can provide All the needs of your life, and it’s My Word and My Word only in your Heart that will comfort you.

Do not look to the world for comfort, for there is no comfort in the world for them to give. Do you not know, I have Said “I have blessed you with ALL spiritual things, it’s in My Son Christ Jesus, and My Son showed you Me”. Do you not know, that ALL things the Father has is in the Son and ALL things that are In the Son are your’s My children, I have said I have blessed you I have given you an eternal inheritance, It’s ALL there in My Word.

For you see, My Word Is My Love Letter to you My Children. My Word is the Word you must stand on, For you see there will be times In your life when you will feel depressed and say “Oh,God How do I get out of this?” My Word tells you how.

For you see I do not put you in that trouble, I am the one who leads you through that trouble. Do you not know that MY Word that is so strong and so powerful, that no satanic demons can stand in My Word, they can not stand in front of My Word, For My Word cuts them asunder.

For you see My Children, satan will try to stop that Word from being implanted in you, but let Me tell you this, that My Word implanted in the Believer will enable The Word to be planted in the unbeliever.

For as you Speak My Word, My Word is going forth in such power that there is No Way in the natural that you can understand My Word. There is No Way that you can understand what happens when My Word is implanted in the believer, For you see that unbeliever can not stop My Word from going inside his or her spirit, for that Word planted must produce Life.

For you see, as you plant that Word, Do not forget that you must Sow It, you must water It, as you sow and water that unbeliever will become a believer, For My Word has said It. My Word will not return to Me void but it shall accomplish that which pleases Me.

Do you not know My Children, It does not just please Me that you are My Children, but My desire fulfilled in Jesus Christ was that all men be saved. I do not desire one person to perish because I have sent My Son Jesus Christ To perish on behalf of All the world, but now I have My Son back on My right hand side, and now there are spaces for anyone in the world who will come into Jesus and they can come and sit in the Eternal Realm of God Almighty.

So as you Speak My Word remember it’s My Spirit and My Teacher gives you the ability to Speak that Word. So Praise Me! Praise Me! I do not desire Praise because I am covetous but I desire Praise because as you Praise Me I can Inhabit you, for as you Praise Me out of a Pure Heart I can Bless you.

I have ALL things for you. I do not need them.I have given them ALL for you through My Son The Lord Jesus Christ, and My Son has accomplished My Will, and I am well pleased with My Son, but I tell you this I am also well pleased in you, for I see In you, a desire to do more for Me.

But I know there is a time, and there is a place, and I know I have faithful children, faithful who will be to My Word and My Spirit, I tell you then let My Spirit have His place in you, My children, Let My Spirit become so real to you, let Him not only indwell you but let Him put His arm around you this night and comfort you. For My Holy Spirit is your Spirit and My Holy Spirit inside your spirit can give you such an awareness of who I am, for you see there are not many people in My Church who really know who I am.

They know who My Son is through His exploits but they really do not know who I am, but I am He who created ALL things, and told My Son, “Son You create them and Son bring in children unto Me” for I desire I desire from My heart to have fellowship with you. See there are so many times when people do not realise who I am. I tell you I am your Father, I am your Daddy, can you appreciate I am your Daddy?

See My son The Lord Jesus Christ showed to the world the Father, and do you know a lot of the time people turned away, but see it is coming toward the end, and I want ALL people to realize who God is, He is the Author and Sustainer of Life, and Life More Abundant, but that Abundant Life comes through My Word and through My Spirit in the believer, and that Abundant Life must be spread abroad into all nations, all nations must know I am the Lord that sent Jesus Christ.

I Am The Lord who Commissioned the Holy Spirit to be sent forth among you this night, to minister to you, for you see you have ministered to Me, and I have been longing to minister back to you to tell you exactly how Precious you are in My sight, and exactly how privileged you are to be My Children, and I deem it a privilege and an honour to say they are My Children down there, and they are doing that which pleases Me”

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