Putting to Death Our Self Preservation.

For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” —Matthew 16v25.

As believers, we are called to lay down our lives. We are called to follow Christ’s footsteps, who took on suffering even death, for the well-being of our lives.

The one person who had the right to put His needs, His wants, and His well-being in front of ours laid down that right.

As we give ourselves to Christ in the surrender of salvation, then we have to commit our lives to follow Him wherever He leads continuously.

As believers, we have to lay down the claim that we have on our own lives having entrusted it into the hands of our precious Savior and even more importantly our LORD, it is He, who must lead, we are to follow.

The sin of self-preservation is when we choose to prioritize our own well-being, our safety,  comfort, provision, plans, and even our very lives over the leading of the Spirit and the commands of Jesus in Scripture.

The Lord bids that we come and die not just once, but daily in a series of small deaths over and over again.

We are not, to any longer live for ourselves but to live for Christ. We are not to live anymore for the interests of the kingdom of this world, but to live with eternity consciousness, by living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ turns the basic interests of the world on their head, and being in our heavenly Father in His kingdom living, down is up, last is first, suffering brings glory and death is life.

We don’t have to have faith to follow God when it benefits our lives in an overt way.

What requires faith is when following Jesus asks us to forego safety, security, comfort, and even our lives; this is when we need faith.”

If we want our faith to grow, then we have to exercise it.

We have to step out in faith.

There is nothing scarier, and yet nothing will awaken a dormant or lukewarm faith more.
As we step out in faith, the Spirit inside of  our  regenerated spirit man is fanned into flame, and with it, the cobwebs of complacency and apathy are shaken from our souls.”

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