Know and understand…

The voice you hear in this ‘live’ audio recording is that of a follower of Jesus Christ, Peter Robins, but the words you hear are that of our Heavenly father.

Peter was born in 1956 but more importantly Born Again and Spirit-filled in 1982. Audio, and written transcript below.

Download Know and Understand MP3

“Know and understand that all I ask of you is to put your faith, put your trust in Me. This is all that I’ve ever commanded of you, that by simple trust and obedience to My word. For there is a great, there is a mighty work that I desire to do through you, there is a work that I desire to do for you, in you, but there is a greater work that I desire to flow through you.

My blessing that I put upon you as individuals and upon you as a fellowship, that blessing is to encourage you, that blessing is to minister life into you, but more important than that is that the Blessing which you receive is also for others.

Do not put any limitations on what I can do, cast down all vain imaginations, cast down all doubts, take your eyes away from circumstances that array around you, put your faith, put your trust in Me, for I will never fail you, I will never disappoint you. You have had disappointments in your life, and many times you have said Lord where is the Promise, where is the fulfilment of that word which you spoke to me?

What happened is that you took your eyes off Me, and just as with Peter when he slipped. When he fell out of My grasp, you have allowed what I have promised and what I have spoken into your life to slip away from your grasp because you failed to keep your eyes upon Me, but in these days you have to close your ears off concerning doubts and unbelief, and you are to put your heart steadfast towards Me.

I say unto you, you can take Me at My word, for My word will never fail, and that is why I just ask and command of you to put simple faith and trust in My word, for have not I said to come to Me like as a child, and a child just simply takes, and this is why I say unto you come to Me as a child.

Take My word for your life, put your faith and your trust in Me, do not be swayed by circumstances, do not let your eyes be fixed on anything else, but upon My Word and My faithfulness to perform what I desire to do in you, and through you, says the Lord.”

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