I Am Speaking Unto You My People…

The voice you hear in this ‘live’ audio recording is that of a follower of Jesus Christ, Peter Robins, but the words you hear are that of our Heavenly father.

Peter was born in 1956 but more importantly Born Again and Spirit-filled in 1982. Audio, and written transcript below.

Download: I am speaking unto you my people MP3

I am speaking unto you My people, I am speaking into your hearts, and speaking into your lives, when I give you My word I’m speaking for a purpose to draw you, to call you,  and to draw you on into that place where you can hear the Spirit of God speaking into your hearts, speaking into your lives.

When I speak unto you I may speak with a tongue of chastisement, I may speak to you with a word of correction, but also I will speak to you with words of comfort, and I’ll speak words of edification into your hearts and into your lives, but when I speak unto you it is My Spirit speaking into your Spirits, when My word comes forth you may not hear it with your natural hearing but if you will attune your spirit, made alive, regenerated, by the working of My Holy Spirit through the new birth you shall be able not only to receive My word but you shall also be able to live My word out.

I am seeking, calling out into hearts and into lives for My word must come as first into your hearts and lives knowing that it’s My Word of Spirit, it’s My word of life, its My Word of power and it’s My word that will sustain your lives.

I have said that you must live your lives and put your whole hearts and stand on My word. I have said in times past that My word will never fail, My word will never let you down, and this is why I call for your faith and trust in My word.

I am releasing unto you the authority to stand in My Son; I am releasing unto you the authority to know in whom you have believed, there is coming a time when you will need to know that you are grounded and you are living in My word.

There are voices crying out today supposedly in My Name but are not bringing forth the word of truth, and not bringing forth the word of My Spirit but they are bringing forth the word of a strange spirit, and sadly many people are calling and following after that voice, this is why you must have a discernment of spirit to know when My Spirit is calling, know when My word is going forth.

I am calling you to come into that place where you will know that you have power with your Heavenly Father, many people are seeking after the power of God but are not coming into that place where they know they have power with God because they do not have a relationship that is established upon My word.

You need to know, and you need to understand that I have placed callings upon your life, in your own lives, to be able to stand for your families and stand as a priest unto God. The enemy of your soul desires to take your families from you, the enemy of your soul desires to ensnare your families but I am a God who believes in household salvation, and all I desire for you is to take your place and stand for your families and stand that they will live a sanctified and holy life. I have given unto you the authority to stand in My Name.

There are some of you in which the enemy of your soul has spoken into your ear, and they have intensified the cry into your ear and said unto you give up, give up, they’ve gone too far, but I say unto you Do not give up, do not give one inch of your redemptive ground away! But stand in that anointed and appointed place where you stand for your families and do not give up on them for I am the Lord your God who believes in families coming unto me.

I save by the few, and I save by the many, and I say unto you do not give up, do not lose hope, do not lose faith, this is the time for you to stand and know in whom you have put your faith and your trust into the God of the impossible says the Lord.

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