Have not I spoken in My Word…

Have not I spoken in My Word, I Am the God of the impossible. Have not I spoken in times past, and I speak unto you this night, all things are possible to those who will believe and act on My Word.

As I have moved in times past, I desire to move in these days, but there must be a spirit of faith, there must be a trust and reliance on My Word. Walls of doubt must come down; there must be a living faith and a trust in My willingness to move and engage in your lives and in your situations.

You must not drawback; you must not be moved by circumstances raged around you.

Do not set boundaries, do not place perimeters, do not set any limits on what I am able to accomplish in your life, and those things that I have to do through your lives.

I have said in times past the limits are those which you have devised, there is a work of depth, there is a work of breadth that I will to perform, but I must be allowed to do that which I desire for your lives.



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