Be on your guard…

Be on your guard that the voices of this world do not confound you. Be not led astray by the thoughts, the expressions, the lies and opinions of this world.

I laugh at the derision of the mind of men, men who say they have new revelations, these revelations come from minds and lives that are darkened, do not be swayed in your trust and confidence in My Word.

Every new thought of this world is to try and undermine the trust and faith of My people in My Word. All and everything you will ever have need of is in My Word; My Word is My mind made open to you.

Do not be swayed, do not be shocked at the thoughts that spew from the voices of this world, for these are minds that are darkened because they will not turn to My light, My Life, My Will. These expressions are from minds that grope in the dark, that refuse to be drawn to the light and life of My Word.

Stay under My Word, lose not your faith and trust in My Will for your lives, everything for your lives, your wholeness is in My Word.



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